Rescue Mission Ministries


Teams committed to the work of Christ, specifically amongst the poor, by addressing the causes and remedies for homelessness and addiction.

Rescue Mission Board of Directors

The Rescue Mission Board is composed of 24 dedicated men and women who are passionate about their faith and the work of the Rescue Mission. These board members are representative of many different denominations, professions, and geographic neighborhoods. Their role is to set policy, raise the budget and be good stewards of the Mission’s resources, and to act as ambassadors for the Rescue Mission. The board meets 9 times each year for regular meetings to review reports on programs, development and finance. The board is comprised of several working committees that meet through out the year to address specific tasks such as construction, finance, board dvelopment, program development and industrial development.

Jackson Lee Dickerson, President
Jennifer T. Brothers, Vice President
Glen C. Combs, 2nd Vice President
Margaret Ann Ayers, Secretary
George A Kegley, Asst Secretary
J Kelly Speas, Treasurer
Joy Sylvester-Johnson, CEO
Lee Ann Carter
George B Cartledge III
W. Richard Clemmer, Jr.
Francis Joseph Duckwall, M.D.
Nancy Duffy
Susan Gring
Susan Honeycutt
Octavia Johnson
Billy Kingery
Norman Marriott
Sidney Miller
Amy Pace
Corey Plunkett
Ted J Sutton
Angela Vaselaros
Peter Vieth

Rescue Mission Foundation Board

The Foundation Board was formed to grow and administer endowment funds for the Rescue Mission. This group is responsible for investing and growing the funds earned from planned giving activities to be used for the future security and expansion of the Rescue Mission.

J. Lee Osborne, President
Cindy N. Fendley, Vice President
Kimberly Anderson, Secretary
Scott Berglund, Treasurer
Joy Sylvester-Johnson, CEO
Mary K Bayse
Larry G Conner, Sr
Betty Davis
M. Wayne Epperly
Jason Fountain
F Courtney Hoge
Daniel E. Karnes
Nanthan Kerr
Dean A. Wadsworth

Rescue Mission Healthcare Advisory Board

This Advisory Board was formed to give expert assistance to the Rescue Mission clinics. Healthcare professionals review policies and protocol, attract new healthcare volunteers and seek to mentor clinic staff.

Charles E. Conklin, DDS
Paul Dallas, MD
Joe Duckwall, MD
Don Eckenroth
Helen Ferguson
Glenn Herman, OC
Gainger McFarland
Carolyn Nolan
Faith Pasley, MD, Medical Director
Sandy Sayre, MSN
Lee Shaffer, MD
Joy Sylvester-Johnson, CEO
Peter Vieth
Pat Young

Rescue Mission Auxiliary Leadership Council

The Auxiliary Leadership Council was formed to plan projects and events for the auxiliary which acts as a liaison to the churches.

Annette Baxter
Barbara Carroll
Betty Stinnett
Diane Goode
Dorothy Briggs
Edith Garst
Janice Shober
Laura Norwood
Phyllis Watson
Phyllis Ertel
Sondra Wertz
Sylvia Lemon
Virginia Bowyer