Rescue Mission Ministries

Permanent Art Collection

Helps to create an empowering and encouraging environment where broken lives can be mended.

We know art has the power to open our minds to new possibilities. This experience says loud and clear (without words) that someone cares. Art at the Rescue Mission does more than just decorate the walls; art at the Mission helps to create an enriching atmosphere and sends a message to people in crisis that there is hope.

The goal of the Mission’s Permanent Art Collection is to attract and display quality works of art created by local artists that has been judged by a prominent jurist at the Rescue Mission. The Mission is home to most of the region’s homeless population. We anticipate that the sharing of talents will be a blessing not only to the guests, staff and volunteers in the Mission’s shelters, but to the participating artists as well.

The People’s Choice Winner 2014
“Lost” by Sierra Rock
The People’s Choice Winner 2014 “Lost” by Sierra Rock

Permanent Art Collection 2014 Winners:

“1218” Photography by Art Sellers Category: Photography

“Fishin’ on the Dock” Watercolor by Penny Lee Baker Category: Fine Art

“Joy of Life”, Fused Glass by Larry Mitchell Category: 3 D

“Waves of Life”, Photography by Kellen Dunnavant Category Youth

“Lost”, Oil Painting by Sierra Rock Category: People’s Choice