Rescue Mission Ministries

Recovery Program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

A place to begin again.

The Rescue Mission’s Residential Recovery Program for men and women is about intentional change for those in bondage to addiction and a lifestyle of self-abuse. Alcoholics and addicts who have lost everything, or who have run out of options and have no place to turn for a long-term structured, recovery program, may find a place to begin again at the Rescue Mission.

2015 Intake Dates for Men

January 5
March 2
May 4
August 3
October 5

2015 Intake Dates for Women:

February 2
April 13
September 7
November 2

If you are coming for intake into the Residential Recovery Program, please note the following:

  • You must arrive here by 5:00 p.m. on the Sunday night prior to the Monday intake. You will spend your first night with us in the Shelter.
  • You will be drug screened upon arrival and must test clean for alcohol, drugs and nicotine to be eligible to enter the Recovery Program.
  • Former Program Participants must wait one year from the date they left the Program before they will be considered for re-entry into the Program.

The Rescue Mission Residential Recovery Program seeks to provide program participants with the tools to move from a life of self-abuse and destruction to a life lived in recovery punctuated by grace.

The program lasts approximately approximately 15 months, beginning with a four week screening and discernment process called “Candidacy.” Participants then “phase up” to the 4-Phase recovery program, taking a variety of classes including educational, life skills, recovery specific and spiritual formation.

All participants work part of each day in a community service assignment on-site at the Rescue Mission.

It is important that participants build a healthy support system outside of the Rescue Mission while in the program. This happens in two ways. Each participant attends local 12-step meetings such as AA, NA, OA and AL-Anon, attains a sponsor and does step work; and each participant becomes involved in a local church of his or her choice.

Men and women are housed in separate areas, but share classroom and dining facilities. The final phase involves a job search and permanent housing and culminates in a commencement event.

The Mission offers a “graduate” year of extended program called Graduate Peer Support where participants become mentors for recovery participants and work in a paid position at the Rescue Mission.

Here is a snapshot of the Recovery Program

For more information on the Rescue Mission’s Residential Recovery Program, contact Haley Sharp, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 540.777.7665.