Rescue Mission of Roanoke

I Had No Idea

I Had No Idea

Four small words, but they speak volumes.

“I had no idea.”  The four words spoken on just about every tour of the Rescue Mission.

Those four simple words–I had no idea—are the words that make our new blog so important and the reason we’re so excited to share it with you.

So, WELCOME!  We’re glad you’re here! Our goal with this blog is to give you at least some idea of what the Rescue Mission is all about.

Some idea of how we shelter and feed people who are homeless and hungry.

Some idea of how we offer hope of Recovery to the drug addict who is out of options.

Some idea of vital medical care we offer in our clinic.

Some idea of all the ways we help hurting people in Jesus’ name.

Some idea of what you can do to directly impact a family in crisis.

Come visit us here often.  We’ll tell you stories of real people experiencing real life transformation at the Rescue Mission.  We may share an occasional recipe from our award-winning 2nd helpings Café, and we’ll definitely keep you updated on all the events and happenings around the Mission.

A virtual tour on the blog or website is great, but there’s nothing like the real thing.  Come on over to 402 Fourth Street, SE Roanoke any Monday at noon and take a real tour!  Because who wants to settle for just some idea?!

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