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Janet’s Journey

Janet’s Mission story began with years of addiction. “My addiction just grew and grew, and started to affect everything in my life, I was using, selling, it was all consuming.” When her kids were taken away, the life she thought couldn’t get any worse became unbearable. “It was the hardest thing I’ve been through; it was like the life was sucked out of me” and from that point, her addiction got much worse” using made it so I didn’t think about it, I just became numb and stayed numb.” The cycle of addiction remained because she would see-saw between being high and thinking about her kids “for years I would just get high to numb the pain, then once it would wear off, I would start to think about my kids and I would have to use even more to forget, it was a horrible cycle.” Janet knew she needed help, that her pain would only continue if she didn’t do something about her addiction. Click here to read the rest of Janet’s story.

“My addiction completely controlled me” Janet said as we paused in our conversation, “but the Rescue Mission completely saved me.” Janet came to the Rescue Mission after hearing about the services and supports that were available here. She didn’t know quite what to expect so she decided to call first, hoping to talk to someone in person, “I called other recovery programs and I would only get answering machines, but when I called the Mission, Stephen [the Way Forward Program Director] answered the phone, after hearing the love and compassion in his voice, I knew it was the place.” She packed her things and got a ride to the Mission, beginning a new journey of hope, health, and healing at the Rescue Mission.

When her cab pulled up, she knew immediately “this place was going to change me.” She was welcomed into our Way Forward Recovery Program with open arms by a team not only expecting her to come that day, but hoping for her arrival.” Stephen and the staff made me feel at home, which was exactly what I needed.” Janet jumped into all the classes and services we have to offer. Seeing a psychiatrist was so important because it helped her find out not “what’s wrong with me?”, but “what happened to me?”. These questions helped her explore why she did what she did, and untangle some of the tougher parts of her addiction. She also found that living recovery alongside others who have shared similar experiences to hers incredibly helpful. When asked if there was anything else that stood out about our programs here at the Mission, she smiled and said, “my teeth”. While at the Mission Janet was able to have comprehensive dental work done, giving her a new smile that she is proud to show off. After her graduation from the Way Forward Program, she reconnected with her mother and family in Florida. Seeing family whom she had been estranged from for years was a positive step in her journey but she continued to feel the pull of the connections and support she found at the Mission. Janet came back to the Mission, this time to give back to others with similar life experiences to her own.

Today, Janet is a Shelter Supervisor at our Women and Children’s Center (WCC). Her daily role includes doing much of what she received when she first came here. “I am here to guide, serve, and listen” she said of her most important daily task, “It is not for the faint of heart, and you need to have patience with those you serve, but I love what I do.” She wants supporters of the Rescue Mission to know the impact of their gift, “I’m a mother, and by helping me, they helped a mother find herself, her family, and total recovery.” Just as Janet’s story continues at the Mission, so is the need for your support. You can help guests just like Janet by giving today.