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I had no idea… part 2

I had no idea… part 2

If you read our first blog post,  you know the phrase “I had no idea” is one we hear a lot at the Rescue Mission. We hear it a lot because most people in the Roanoke Valley think of the Rescue Mission as simply a homeless shelter or “soup kitchen.” It’s true, we do shelter people who are homeless. It’s true that we offer three meals a day. But there is so much more to our story: our free clinic, our job skills program, our camp for kids, and so much more. The Mission is here to help hurting people in Jesus’ name–whatever the hurt.

We took the phrase “I had no idea” and turned it into a conversation for Roanoke Valley Gives Day. We want you to meet some of the people you are helping on March 15.

People like Carl.

When you give to the Mission on Roanoke Valley Gives Day, you are helping Carl receive the training and confidence he needs to lead a successful, drug-free life after he graduates from the Recovery Program.

Your gift on Roanoke Valley Gives Day gives someone like Whitney free furniture and supplies when moving out of shelter, to start her on a path to a brighter future.

Your gift to the Mission on Roanoke Valley Gives Day can even keep a financially-strapped family from becoming homeless by providing them with a monthly box of nutritious food, as well as clothing vouchers and financial education.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see who else we serve.  Hopefully you will leave with some idea of how you can help on Roanoke Valley Gives Day this March 15.

I want to make my gift!

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