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Randy’s Redemption

Randy’s journey at the Mission began with a background that many wouldn’t expect. An ordained Minister, he found his life falling apart, and his reliance on alcohol to numb his pain caused even more problems. In 2012, he found himself homeless, living in his car. Due to his addiction, he couldn’t save money, so he remained in a cycle of homelessness and hopelessness. Randy stayed at the Mission from 2012 until 2014 when he moved out into an apartment. He stayed there until his addiction became such a barrier that he couldn’t cope anymore. “Addiction caught up to me again” he said of the moments before he came back to the Mission “I was laying in my bed, eating peanut butter out of the jar, just a totally mess.” He decided then that he had to enter the Rescue Mission recovery program. “I was such a mess that I missed the program introduction and orientation, but I called, and he let me come a day late, which he didn’t have to do” he said of the program director at the time “That’s God at work”.  So, at 55 years old, Randy came back to the Rescue Mission, eager to accept what God had ready for him. Click here to read the rest of Randy’s story.

When Randy came to the Way forward Program at the Mission, he weighed 155 pounds (He is about 6’3’), had cirrhosis of the liver, and Hepatitis C. Upon arrival he found all the support and love that he needed; medical care, community love, and a spiritual oasis that he had been waiting for. Of the changes he said, “I always knew the Lord was there, but God made some amazing things happen when I got to the Mission.” A moment that sticks out to him is when he was reading his Bible and he asked God why he was here, Gods response gave him comfort, “Randy, there is nothing that you will ever do in your life that I don’t know about and have control over, and there is a reason you’re here.” God guided Randy though our Recovery program with His loving hand, bringing Randy to graduation and changing the direction of his life forever.  Eventually, these experiences opened doors for Randy to join the Rescue Mission staff to continue his sobriety by giving back to others. 

Today, Randy is an inspiration at the Mission, serving meals to guests with a smile, living out the life that God has given him. Working here is not only a chance to spread Gods love, but also one of accountability for himself “Working here is the greatest accountability you can have.” He knows that the Randy that people see today, the sober, loving, outgoing Randy is the only one people know, and one that inspires others on a daily basis. Randy knows that God has sent him here to live as he is, to inspire others and encourage coming to Christ. His mission is much more than food service, it is human service, one of connecting with guests and loving them just as he was loved. “Only when you become what God made you to be will you do what you were created to do, and I am working hard every day to live into what God has put in front of me.” He says of his role at the Mission.

Randy truly experienced each of our services in his years at the Mission. When asked what he saw as the most impactful, he quickly said “Men’s Shelter”. His stay in our shelter gave him perspective and time to work on himself. The compassion of those who worked in our emergency shelters had an impact on how he viewed others. When asked about what the support of our donors means he said “they have no idea the impact, it’s hard to measure. The love, compassion, and transformation is only made possible with time and building of relationships.” Randy’s journey is only just beginning, as is the same for many we serve. When you give to the Mission, you are directly helping guests like Randy find God, and though Him, a future to look forward to.