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What is Roanoke Valley Gives Day?

What is Roanoke Valley Gives Day?

March 15 isn’t just any old Wednesday — it’s Roanoke Valley Gives Day!

Wait, what’s Roanoke Valley Gives Day?

Roanoke Valley Gives Day (or RVG Day for short) is an initiative of Foundation for Roanoke Valley to raise money and awareness for local non-profits. That means for 24 hours, you can donate to the Rescue Mission on the RVG Day website and encourage others to do the same!  Each participating non-profit may also receive bonus prizes for accomplishments like most money raised or most individual donors who gave. Last year you helped the Mission claim the top prize for the most money raised and we’re counting on you to help us do it again!

That’s awesome, but why have an online day of giving?

Foundation for Roanoke Valley wants to unite the Roanoke Valley around the idea of giving back. We live in such a wonderful and supportive community so let’s celebrate and encourage that on Roanoke Valley Gives Day! And 24 hours? Nothing like a deadline to encourage some friendly competition!

I’m convinced! What can I do to be a part of it?

GIVE! Go to, search for a non-profit you want to support (I assume if you’re reading this, you are going right to the Rescue Mission’s profile) and make your gift!  In fact, you don’t even have to wait until March 15th. You can visit the site today and schedule your gift to be processed on March 15. **Gifts must either be given on March 15 or scheduled to be processed on March 15 to count towards the RVG Day total**

Last year RVG Day raised $366,541 for 125 local non-profits — wow! Donors gave $56,175 just to the Rescue Mission alone! We have some exciting plans in store for this year’s event and we need your help!

I want to go ahead and schedule my gift!

Watch this video to see what the Rescue Mission is up to this year!



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