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Stories of Hope- A Mission Family Reunion

Stories of Hope- A Mission Family Reunion

Steve had a choice: stay the course and die all alone, or enter the Rescue Mission Recovery Program and try to save his life and his family.

“The kids and I were leaving,” said Janet. Steve’s wife of 22 years, Janet was convinced she had lost her husband for good. “He was in such bad shape and I didn’t think there was any hope. The only option I gave him was the Recovery program.”

“I drank for a long time,” said Steve. “It got worse when my dad died, and then my brother committed suicide and it went out of control. It got to where I drank because I had to, the shakes were too bad if I went too long without a drink. It was making me so sick, I even had two seizures. I came into the Recovery Program in March of 2015 and I have no doubt I would be dead by now if I hadn’t.”

Unable to afford rent on her own, and with Steve concentrating on his recovery, Janet and their children stayed with friends until moving into the Mission’s Family Shelter in May of 2015.

“I was seeing the changes in him,” Janet explained. “It just made sense to come here and be closer to him, and it was the best decision. I finally felt uplifted and hopeful. I got encouragement that I needed and my case manager helped me make a plan. I was able to get a job and then an apartment. One of the best things at the Mission was the savings plan. The kids and I went into the apartment with furniture the Mission gave us from the thrift store as well as a little nest egg because of the savings plan. A lot of the anxiety and stress I thought I would feel, I haven’t because I took the classes they offered me and I followed the plan. I’m still following it even now.”

Last May, Steve completed the Recovery Program, got a job, and returned to his family. “I’m just sorry for my behavior and what I put my family through,” he said.
The couple’s daughter, 16 year-old Layla described feeling sorry for her dad when they were about to leave him behind. “But I was ready,” she explained. “I didn’t really have a relationship with him. He proved to me and all of us that he could do it. He’s like a different person now and I’m really happy he’s in my life.”

Eleven year-old Steve, Jr. agreed. “I’m really proud of my dad,” he smiled. “He was in reallybad shape and now he’s all awesome and stuff. It’s going to be a whole, real Christmas!”

“The Mission saved my life,” said Steve.

“It saved our family,” replied Janet. “It’s really miraculous, and I’m just grateful.”

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