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Roanoke Valley Gives Da(ily)

Roanoke Valley Gives Da(ily)

The 2nd annual Roanoke Valley Gives Day is in the books!  Thank you to Foundation for Roanoke Valley for hosting this exciting 24-hours of online giving, and thank you to all who helped the Rescue Mission raise nearly $46,000!

If you ever had any doubt that the Roanoke Valley gives, you will find all the proof you need at the Rescue Mission.  As an organization that neither seeks nor accepts any government funding, the generosity of the community is clearly evidenced here.  The people of the Roanoke Valley have supported the Rescue Mission financially and through volunteering from the time of its humble beginnings in 1948 to now.

Here’s what that support means today:

  • Emergency shelter for homeless men, women, and children
  • Three hot, nutritious meals a day
  • Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction
  • Learning Center services including tutoring, computer skills, GED prep, and more
  • Free Clinic services including Medical, Mental Health, Vision, and Dental Care
  • Free Legal clinics
  • Vouchers for clothing, shoes, and even furniture for shelter guests moving into homes
  • Monthly grocery boxes to hungry families in the community
  • Summer day camp for children in Family Shelter
  • Case Management services
  • Nightly chapel and spiritual direction
  • So Much More…

At the Rescue Mission, we know that every day is Roanoke Valley Gives Day because this generous community proves it every day.  It’s how we have operated for 68 years, and how we will continue to operate.  If you haven’t seen it for yourself, come on by.  Take a tour any Monday at noon and stay for lunch while you’re at it.  If you ever had any doubt that the Roanoke Valley gives, or that your gifts make a difference, you will find all the proof you need.

Alcohol gripped Sarah’s life and led her to a place of dark despair.  At her lowest point, however, she was given a second chance that led her to a place of hope and transformation.  In the Rescue Mission Recovery Program, Sarah discovered love, support and the confidence she needed to build a new life. She also received training for a brand new career as a dental assistant, which has led to her successful employment today. Watch Sarah’s story and know that your gift on Roanoke Valley Gives Day this March 15 helps put men and women like Sarah on the road to recovery and restoration.

I want to make my gift!

If you read our first blog post,  you know the phrase “I had no idea” is one we hear a lot at the Rescue Mission. We hear it a lot because most people in the Roanoke Valley think of the Rescue Mission as simply a homeless shelter or “soup kitchen.” It’s true, we do shelter people who are homeless. It’s true that we offer three meals a day. But there is so much more to our story: our free clinic, our job skills program, our camp for kids, and so much more. The Mission is here to help hurting people in Jesus’ name–whatever the hurt.

We took the phrase “I had no idea” and turned it into a conversation for Roanoke Valley Gives Day. We want you to meet some of the people you are helping on March 15.

People like Carl.

When you give to the Mission on Roanoke Valley Gives Day, you are helping Carl receive the training and confidence he needs to lead a successful, drug-free life after he graduates from the Recovery Program.

Your gift on Roanoke Valley Gives Day gives someone like Whitney free furniture and supplies when moving out of shelter, to start her on a path to a brighter future.

Your gift to the Mission on Roanoke Valley Gives Day can even keep a financially-strapped family from becoming homeless by providing them with a monthly box of nutritious food, as well as clothing vouchers and financial education.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see who else we serve.  Hopefully you will leave with some idea of how you can help on Roanoke Valley Gives Day this March 15.

I want to make my gift!

What will you do to help a homeless family at the Rescue Mission on Roanoke Valley Gives Day?  Here’s some of what we have in store:

  • Our goal is to raise $65,000 in 24 hours on March 15th! Did you know that it costs $13,000 to operate the Rescue Mission for one day? You will help us run the Mission for 5 days by helping us reach our goal!  That’s five days of meals for a hungry child, five days of shelter for a homeless family, five days of recovery for an addict, and so much more.
  • Mark Skolrood of Skolrood Law Firm is going to match the first $10,000 raised for the Mission on RVG Day.
  • Our new CEO will be dashing for dollars all day! Lee Clark is teaming up with our Drumstick DASH Spokes Turkey to run a leg of the DASH route for every $10,000 that is donated. Don’t leave them stranded on the street corners! Follow our Facebook Live for updates throughout the day, donate, and get your friends and family members to donate as well. Did we mention Lee will be wearing our old DASH costume??

This is going to be a fun day and we hope you will tune in on March 15!  Remember, your gift to help us reach our $65,000 goal must be made online at You can even schedule your gift to be processed on March 15! **Gifts must be given on or scheduled to be processed on March 15 to count towards the RVG Day total** Click the button below to make your gift!

I want to make my gift!

March 15 isn’t just any old Wednesday — it’s Roanoke Valley Gives Day!

Wait, what’s Roanoke Valley Gives Day?

Roanoke Valley Gives Day (or RVG Day for short) is an initiative of Foundation for Roanoke Valley to raise money and awareness for local non-profits. That means for 24 hours, you can donate to the Rescue Mission on the RVG Day website and encourage others to do the same!  Each participating non-profit may also receive bonus prizes for accomplishments like most money raised or most individual donors who gave. Last year you helped the Mission claim the top prize for the most money raised and we’re counting on you to help us do it again!

That’s awesome, but why have an online day of giving?

Foundation for Roanoke Valley wants to unite the Roanoke Valley around the idea of giving back. We live in such a wonderful and supportive community so let’s celebrate and encourage that on Roanoke Valley Gives Day! And 24 hours? Nothing like a deadline to encourage some friendly competition!

I’m convinced! What can I do to be a part of it?

GIVE! Go to, search for a non-profit you want to support (I assume if you’re reading this, you are going right to the Rescue Mission’s profile) and make your gift!  In fact, you don’t even have to wait until March 15th. You can visit the site today and schedule your gift to be processed on March 15. **Gifts must either be given on March 15 or scheduled to be processed on March 15 to count towards the RVG Day total**

Last year RVG Day raised $366,541 for 125 local non-profits — wow! Donors gave $56,175 just to the Rescue Mission alone! We have some exciting plans in store for this year’s event and we need your help!

I want to go ahead and schedule my gift!

Watch this video to see what the Rescue Mission is up to this year!



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