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Carl’s Success Story

Carl Carter became hooked on narcotics prescribed to him post-surgery. Out of work and addicted, his life spiraled out of control, leading him to eventually enter the Rescue Mission’s Residential Recovery Program for addicts and alcoholics, from which he graduated in Sept. of 2016. During his 18 months at the Mission, he received long-overdue dental care in the Fralin Clinic. “I was already missing some teeth, and many of the rest were decaying and painful. They pulled 10 and got me dentures,” he explained. “The day I put those teeth in my mouth was a turning point for me. It turned my self-respect completely around.” A former commercial truck driver, Carter received customer service training in the Rescue Mission’s Thrift store, THRIFT 460, and is now gainfully employed at a local Wal-Mart. “I never smiled before,” he says. “I have this job because my new teeth gave me courage knowing that I could smile and I wouldn’t look so bad. It’s something I am very thankful for.”

Fralin Clinic is in need of new dental equipment, including four new dental chairs. You can help restore the smiles of men and women like Carl by designating your gift on our donation page to Improving Access to Dental Care- Creating Smiles, Restoring Life.

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