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Sarah’s Success Story

All it took was one blackout to wreck Sarah Duncan’s world.

“I had gone out drinking with a friend.  When I got home, I sat in my car and could see my family in the house.  That’s the last thing I remember.  They tell me I went inside, picked up a knife, and tried to hurt my husband and daughter.”

When the police came for her the next morning, Sarah was certain they had the wrong person.  “It haunts me every day.  They were my whole world.  Especially my daughters, I would never do anything to hurt them.  Alcohol turns you into someone you’re not.  After six months in jail, the judge sent me to the Rescue Mission Recovery Program.  That’s where I decided to put my faith in God to help me because I sure couldn’t help myself.”

Sarah’s drinking and experimenting with drugs had begun in high school and spiraled out of control, but she managed to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.  As her marriage crumbled, she found herself retreating from her husband and two little girls by hiding in the laundry room of her home to drink.  “I just couldn’t stop myself.”

By the time she graduated from the Recovery Program, Sarah’s time at the Rescue Mission had changed everything.  “I’ve always loved people, but I learned to love me again.”

Sarah completed the dental assistant training program offered through the Mission’s G. Wayne Fralin Free Clinic. “When they asked me if I’d like to do it, I saw it as a way I could help people.  In high school I volunteered with the rescue squad because I wanted to help people.  The Mission helped me, so this way I was able to help others again.  That’s the best feeling in the world.”

Now remarried, Sarah has regained joint custody of her daughters, is active in her church, and works full-time as a dental assistant.

“Because of the Rescue Mission I’m free from my addiction, and I no longer wake up every morning wishing I wasn’t here.  Because of the Rescue Mission I found God, I learned to love myself again, and I discovered that the people I thought I had lost forever love me, too.”

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