Tabitha Program

Tabitha_2When 45 days in the Rescue Mission’s Emergency Shelter aren’t quite enough, the Tabitha Program offers an extra layer of support on the road to self-sufficiency.

The Tabitha Program is designed to motivate and empower chronically homeless individuals toward independent living. The program consists of 4 main components:


  • Compliance with an individualized case management plan
  • Supervised service assignments on campus and in the community to re-establish work and social habits, as well as to provide on-the-job skills training
  • Classes and weekly small group meetings, Bible studies, and attendance at a church of the individual’s choice to build a network of support and help participants learn to overcome challenging social barriers
  • Social outings and “family group” activities designed to build self-confidence and social skills

All Tabitha participants are required to be drug/alcohol/nicotine-free and agree to submit to ongoing screenings.

The Tabitha Program is a last resort for those who have already stayed 45 days in our Emergency Shelter and need a greater level of support in order to progress.  We do not accept individuals who come to the Mission specifically for this program.

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