Manna Food Pantry

When all you need is a little help to keep food on the table, Manna Food Pantry is here.

Manna is a weekly grocery box distribution program serving struggling families in the Roanoke region. Each food box contains approximately 60 pounds of food including, non-perishable food staples, fresh produce and frozen meats. Dog and cat food is available for the pets in the family.

Registration is open to all. Call (540) 343-7227 to enroll. Once enrolled, you will receive a text with a reservation for either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. The text will have a scan bar and QR code. Please save these texts to speed your check-in!

  • If you receive a text reservation confirmation, there will be a box for you that you may pick up between 1:00 – 3:00 pm
  • It is not necessary to come early! We will have a box for you and do not want you to burn your gas.
  • We recommend adding the number you receive the notification from to your contacts with a name you will remember, like MANNA, so you can easily find your QR Codes.
  • We plan to make multiple reservations for you, so you may see more than one text from us. Save the text stream.

We partner with Feeding Southwest Virginia. Manna Food Pantry operates as a drive-thru food pantry. Manna recipients may receive free clothing vouchers for use at THRIFT 460. Find out more.

We are an equal opportunity provider.


Volunteers are needed throughout the week to assemble boxes and organize food donations and help with the grocery box distribution. Click here to volunteer for Manna Food Pantry.

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