Recovery Programs for Addiction

The Residential Recovery Program is for men and women seeking to break free of the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction. Through coaching, spiritual guidance, and education, the program provides participants the tools they need to move from a life of self-abuse and destruction to a life lived in recovery, punctuated by grace.

The program consists of four phases, each involving a variety of classes, on-site community service assignments, church participation, and step-work with a sponsor in local 12-step programs. Phase 4 involves a job search and obtaining permanent housing, and concludes with a commencement event.

Click here for 2017/2018 Intake dates and other Frequently Asked Questions. On Intake Day, you must test clean across the board for alcohol, drugs and nicotine, no exceptions.

Mending Wings Adult Learning Center

Recovery_1A crucial element of the Recovery Program, the Learning Center makes sure each participant has an individualized learning plan.

Staff and volunteers teach classes and tutor on a wide range of academic subjects at varying levels. Participants have the opportunity to strengthen their current Math, Language, and Writing skills to prepare for a return to the workplace, in addition to selecting from various electives. GED-prep and assistance with resumes and job applications is also offered.

Do you have a passion for teaching? Volunteer instructors and tutors are always needed and welcomed.

A Learning center volunteer created The Butterfly Fund to purchase educational software and materials and GED practice tests to assist program participants. Will you help it grow? Simply click The Butterfly Fund on the donation page to designate your gift.

Studio Arts

DSC05473The Pottery class helps students experience a practical application of the life lessons they are learning in their other recovery classes. The clay becomes the teacher, allowing students to explore alternatives to anger management, learning when to let go and when to persevere, what it means to be centered and re-centered, and how it feels to be successful as they create a work of art. The clay is a humble teacher, helping us appreciate the relationship between God and ourselves and what it means to be molded by God’s hands.

The Metal Arts class allows participants to employ fine motor skills while exercising their minds to design and create original pieces of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Students learn that each has the ability to be creative when they are willing to take the risk, and they’re given the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate their efforts.

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