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It was like holding love in my arms. A tiny bundle softly breathing, swaddled and secure in the crook of my embrace, took my breath away. Here he was! Our first grandchild arrived, with his mother safe and sound after a scary delivery. What love is this!

Carl Sandburg said that “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” And yet, it is a messy, overwhelming world we live in. Troubles surround us. At the Rescue Mission, daily we see the results of a broken world. Illness. Addiction. Poverty. Abuse. Finding love seems impossible at times.

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Big Prayer

How big are your prayers?

Full disclosure – there are times when I get so caught up in the heaviness of this work that my prayers seem to be mired to the earth. Domestic violence. Mental illness. Substance use. Physical impairment. People lost in the trauma of abuse and illness being unwilling or unable to come into a safe place.

In those moments when I can’t see a way forward, that things are beyond my control, that my own weakness overshadows the potential for change…just when things seem at their worst, light breaks through. God reminds me that He is in control. That his power is limitless. That I need to be still. Quiet. Small. And let Him be big in all his creative power and might. Then my prayers can soar.

And when our prayers soar, and our sense of self is anchored in God alone, great things can happen.

I see it every day at this Rescue Mission.

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